The YOUCEE organisation respects your privacy and your right to have control over any personal information shared with us. This information will only be used for administrative and statistical purposes and for your participation at the YOUCEE Conference.We may also use the information for monitoring visitor behaviour and for improving the website. Our policy regarding your privacy includes five main areas.

The YOUCEE organisation want you to be aware of our privacy policy whenever you give us personal information, and we ensure that this policy is upheld throughout our organisation at all times.

The YOUCEE organisation will never sell, market, or otherwise distribute your personal information to third parties, without offering you the option to Opt-Out.

Access and accuracy
The YOUCEE organisation handles all personal information with the utmost care and attention and is happy to alter or delete this information on request.

The YOUCEE organisation is in favour of self-regulation in the area of ​​privacy. We aim to abide by the guidelines provided by governmental and consumer organisations that control the protection of personal information.


Cookies are pieces of code that appear on your computer when you visit our website, solely for the purpose of speeding up the loading of the website when you revisit. In the Netherlands, new rules for the use of cookies came into force on 1st June 2012, obliging us to inform you about the use of any cookies on our website, and obliging us to request permission for their use. Cookies do not distribute personal information or any other information stored on your computer in any way whatsoever.

Why does the YOUCEE organisation use cookies?
The use of cookies does not only speed up the functionality of the website when revisiting, but also allows us to track website users’ behaviour, so we can improve the appearance of the website in the future.

Turning off cookies
You can choose not to accept cookies in your browser if you wish. This will not affect the appearance of the website in any way.