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YOUCEE stands for European YOUth Conference commEmoration across bordErs and is an international youth conference in commemoration of the second World War and in particular the Battle of Arnhem(1944).

YOUCEE invites  students between 16 and 19 years of age, originating from 6 European countries. A program is offered which starts on Tuesday  September 12th  and ends after the commemoration on the Airborne cemetery in Oosterbeek on Sunday September 17th .

The conference will be held in the vicinity of Arnhem/Oosterbeek in the Netherlands and is subsidized, among others, by the cities of Arnhem and Ede, the municipalities of Renkum, and Overbetuwe, The Airborne March Foundation, , the Citizens and New Orphanage, and the Airborne Commemoration Foundation.

YOUCEE invites students from several European countries to the Netherlands to reflect on and discuss topics like war, peace, justice and international cooperation. The Battle of Arnhem (17th – 26th September 1944) is the starting point and the focus will be on the interaction between students as they learn about the achievements of Europe since 1944. What is life like in Europe in 2017, how do we perceive ourselves within the European borders and institutions of the modern day, what lessons have we learned from the Second World War and how do we apply them to life today? This international youth platform provides an opportunity for expressing personal ideas, opinions, and views in a multicultural setting and a relaxed atmosphere. The highlight will be the Arnhem Model United Nations conference on the 15th  of September and the contributions towards, and attendance at the commemoration ceremonies on 15th, 16th  and 17th  of September.

Our theme for YOUCEE Conference 2017 is:

Interdependence in Conflict


Our theme for the whole week is:

“Moral compass  ( Right/ wrong)”


We hope you will be able to learn from the past through the onference and use this awareness for the future.


Photo gallery ARMUN & YOUCEE – 12-17 sept. 2017


Photo gallery ARMUN & YOUCEE – 14-18 sept. 2016


Photo gallery ARMUN & YOUCEE – 16-20 sept. 2015


Photo gallery ARMUN & YOUCEE – 16-21 sept. 2014

This was the YOUCEE conference 2014 on video:

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